Tuesday, 24 February 2015


"Pic-nic Spot" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas cm 60X80

Sometimes when I find a subject I particularly like, I paint it in different versions. I might try different compositions, different points of view or different formats. Sometimes I also represent a subject in different seasons. This new painting shows a spot I know very well: This farmhouse, surrounded by vineyards, can easily be seen when driving to one of the best known Michelin star awarded restaurants in Tuscany, "Osteria di Passignano". It is located by an ancient monastery dating back to 395, right in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. As you can imagine it's quite an amazing place.
Below you can see another painting of mine of the same farmhouse, from last summer. It is seen from a different angle and I took the liberty of transforming the tarmac road into a white road. I thought it would be so much quainter like this, and that it would give the idea of our hot and dry August weather.  

"The White Road" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas cm 60x80

I'm sure I'll paint this farmhouse again in the future...
I'd love to know which of these two versions is your favourite!
If you wish to have more information about the restaurant and plan a meal on your next visit to Tuscany, you can visit their website.

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