Sunday, 8 February 2015


Autumn Hues  cm 60x 80

February is the harshest month for us. In fact, according to an Italian proverb it is "short and cursed".
Our temperatures can get below freezing and we have rain, strong wind and the occasional sprinkle of snow. 
Not the ideal time for plein air painting (not for me, anyway!)
However, it is probably my favourite time of the year.
While the the wind is blowing outside and the days are still short, a great deal goes on in my studio.
With the fire crackling in the stove, music playing from the radio and my kitty happily purring on the sofa-bed, I go through my huge pile of photographs, taken during the last weeks/months/years, in search of inspiration.
As reference for this recent painting of mine, I used a bunch of photos that I took last October during a tour, near a beautiful winery half way between the two medieval hill towns Montepulciano and Cortona, just about an hour drive away from Siena (my hometown). I have suggested Cortona with a few light brushstrokes in the distance.
I am planning more paintings based on that trip and hopefuly will be sharing them soon!  

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