Tuesday, 10 February 2015



Today's adventure was that just before noon, (which I admit, for me means early in the morning), I stepped outside the front door into the garden, and turned my head just in time to hear a "click" sound and see the door close shut behind me.
Was the key in the lock? No.
Was it in my pocket? No. Was the back door open? Nope.
Do I have a spare key hidden somewhere? Of course not.
So, to make a long story short, I had to wait outside for more than three hours for my boyfriend to come back from work.
Luckily it was such a beautiful sunny day that I could walk around the village and had a pretty good time. My neighbours gave me some lunch.
I was sorry didn't have my paints but in the garage I found one of my scketchbooks, a ballpoint pen and a tiny box of watercolours so I made this little drawing of one of my favourite views.
The village where I live is very unique. It is composed by five little hamlets scattered on a ridge that separates two valleys.

Here are a couple more scketches of two of the other hamlets from the last few days


All done very quickly because it was COLD.

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