Wednesday, 17 June 2015


" Road to the Vineyard" Oil on Canvas cm 25x35

Sometimes people from abroad  ask me weather I ever get tired of living in Tuscany, or get used to all the beauty around me. They smile when I answer that I probably wouldn't get tired in a hundred years.

I think being painters also means being able to appreciate what surrounds us in a special way and feeling the need of observing our environment more accurately, in order to communicate what strikes our attention most.

In today's painting you can see a spot I've been wanting to paint for ages. I drive past it very often and it is right off the main road that goes all the way through the Chianti Classico area. From the crest of the little road one can enjoy one of the most exquisite views of the famous wine area, overlooking miles and miles of vineyards, woodland and olive groves.

Monday, 8 June 2015


 "I Love Poppies I " cm 18x24 oil on Canvas

" I Love Poppies II" cm 18x24 Oil on Canvas

"I Love Poppies III" cm 18x24 Oil on Canvas

We are having very beautiful weather over here and it already feels like summer.
The colours are changing again and finally the acidic greens are leaving space to warm golden hues. Most probably very soon poppies will be gone with all this heat.

Last week I painted these small paintings. They represent the same spot seen from different angulations. This field is In the Maremma area near a small town called Roccastrada, and I noticed it when I was on my way to the beach.
I hope you like them!