Monday, 24 August 2015


"Waiting for the Harvest in Tuscany" Oil on Canvas cm 60x80

The bunches of grapes hanging on the vines in the Chianti area are already looking ripe, and this year we are expecting an excellent vintage.

Since we have had a very hot summer the harvest may start a little sooner than usual and in the southern part of the region the white varieties such as Trebbiano and Malvasia are already being picked  this week. In the province of Siena, which is right in the centre of Tuscany, we will probably begin the first week of September.

Most of the work is done by hand and many people are hired by the hundreds of wine producers all over Tuscany.

If you are interested in joining the harvest and get a taste this joyful and hectic time of the year, you can check out this website that has a list of some of the main producers in Tuscany.

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